Hints   and   strategy   for   Triple   Play   98.

Tip for better hitting

For Power: Stand back a bit from the plate. You get more power if you can hit the ball with the barrel of the bat. Stand back in the batter's box to give yourself more time to size up the movement and speed of the pitch. My best home run: 603 feet in 3Com park using Mark McGwire (I had a good tailwind).

For Hits: Don't use your power swing if you've got 2 strikes!! You won't be able to check your swing if the ball drifts out of the strike zone. You have more control over your hits using a normal swing. Use it to get on base. Go for line drives and grounders. You won't get home runs, but you won't fly out as often either. If your player is fast, try to bunt for a base hit. Remember to press the sprint button quickly on any close plays!!!


Tripling your PC - Play

When on D, always keep an eye out on the player indicator when playing against another user. If (s)he switches control from batter to the base runner, you know something is up, and there may be an attempted steal.

When Batting, Putting the game in Medium batting view will allow you to track the curve of a pitch easier. Don't forget that a power hit is accomplished by hitting your Button 1 and Up at the same time. However, this may open you up to a pop fly, so make sure your batter is capable of smacking one over the fence.


Other tips:

If you need to take a few bases, use a power swing (square) and once the pitch is thrown press on the down arrow and hit a wild grounder past everyone or if you use a power swinger, you can try and bounce a few over the other teams heads!

For a view of Toronto's CN tower, go to Home Run DerbyTM and choose the Skydome in stadium select. Hit a popfly straight up to the right hand side of first base. It's a waste of balls, but you should always take time out for sightseeing.


If you find that the computer is hitting too many home runs off you and scoring a lot, try throwing a lot of changeups (using the X-button + D-Pad Up and a little bit of D-Pad Up aftertouch). The computer will still get the odd hit, but should not be able to hit home runs against you. ___________

When you're pitching against someone in a two player game, throw a lot of inside stuff; most people will get suckered. And just for fun, when you're throwing for the third strike, slide the pitcher all the way over to the batter's side, then throw a pitch-out. I guarantee they'll go for it. Good for a chuckle. ___________

If you're finding that you're not getting a lot of base hits, try hitting the ball (pressing the D-Pad) in the opposite direction. Chances are, you'll find a lot more of the holes through the infield for base hits. ___________

Home Field Advantages For a hitter's park, select Wrigley Stadium. The southwestern wind can turn your routine fly-ball outs into home runs. For those who like to pitch, consider Tiger Stadium; it has the deepest outfield. But be aware of the left-handed power hitters, it has a short right field line.

Some Codes for Triple Play 98- 1212-Ctrl - lets you play as the Electronic Arts Dream Team| 1212-Ctrl-21 - gives you access to three new stadiums: The Cornfield, Ebbetts Field, and the Polo Grounds.| 1212-Shift-Ctrl - the EA Dream Team plays in their underwear

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