SimCity   2000   codes   and   cheats!

Here are some good codes and cheats for SimCity.  Good luck with your city!


CASS gives you $250*
NOAH causes major floods
MRSOLEARY causes major fires
GILMARTIN builds a military base
BUDDAMUS gives you $500,000, all the inventions, and the rewards**
JOKE shows a funny picture of some cows
OIVAIZMIR debug code that gives you access to anything you can imagine**
FUND issues a bond at 25%
MOSES i have no idea try it!(save your city first!!!)

CASS gives you $250*
VERS tells you what version of Sim City 2000 you have
TEST shows some weird numbers and letters
MEMY memory check
PORN you hear a programmer saying "I cant get enough"
HECK some stupid note*****
DAMN same as HECK*****
DARN same as DAMN and HECK*****
FUND issues a bond at 25%****

JOKE same as Windows
VERS same as DOS
PORNTIPSGUZZARDO same as the Windows BUDDAMUS code***
CASS same as Windows and DOS*

* if you do this code too many times you will get a fire storm

** to use these codes you have to click on the toolbar so that it is highlighted
*** in version 1.1 you have to open the map window, click in it, type pirn, click in the status
window and type TOPSGUZZARDO
**** see DOS megacheat 
***** don't this code because it will turn all your residental area into churches!
1. If you click on the helicopter with the centering tool it will crash.
2. If you bulldoze enough trees in the DOS versions you will hear the bull moofse roar.
3. If you click on the tree tool, hold down the mouse button and shift, and move the mouse to
the parts that you want to erase, the areas will "magically" disappear.
4. De-zone a 3x3 grid. Place a water pump in the middle of it. Connect it to nothing but power.
The water shortage messages will go away. You must bulldoze all other water producing plants before you do so.
5. Big Money Trick - And for the final tip you will need a binary file disk editor like Norton's Disk
Editor. Open the city file you wish to alter and go to the line of 4 hexidecimals that looks like
this: "00 02 4E 20". Change the "00" to a "7F". This will give your city 2,139,029,504 dollars and it won't cause any problems. If you don't have a disk editor, see 6.
6. Go into your sc2000 directory(probably C:\SC2000>) and type the following. It will look like
C:\SC2000>"debug (Cities name*).sc2" Hit enter.
-"E 127 7F" Hit enter.
-"W" Hit enter.
-"Q" Hit enter.
You are done. You should have 2,139,029,504 dollars in your cities treasury.
* Not the actual name, but the name it saves it as(eight characters and a sc2 ending).


Megacheat 1.
1. Wait 1 year.
2. When the budget window comes up click OK and select "autobudget".
3. Type FUND and issue a bond.
4. Select "no disasters".
5. Type CASS
6. Issue another bond by typing FUND.
7. Type CASS again.
8. Go to the budget window.
9. Go to the book for bond payments.
10. Click "issue bond".
11. It will ask you if you want to issue a bond at .%, -%, or ?%.
12. Click OK.
13. It will give you around 1.4 mil a year.

Megacheat 2
1. Place your city on pause.
2. Press Ctrl-F3.
3. Click on the Rotate Counterclockwise icon.
4. Click on the Resize box (lower right corner of City Window).
5. Click on the Status Window (the one with weather info).
6. Click on the Population icon.
7. Click anywhere inside the City Window.
8. Pull down the Disasters menu and select the horizontal line between Riots and No
Disasters. You will receive $500,000 and all technologies and rewards will become available. 

When building your city, the best way to form blocks is by making them 9x9. The reason is because residents will not live more than three squares from a road. If you have 9x9, that leaves a 3x3 section in the middle. You can put a park, police building, or any other 3x3 building. If you want you can put a 4x4 building. I have drawn a picture to show you what I mean:

Z=Any Zone(Commercial, Residential, or Industrial)
P=Public Building(a Park, Police Station, Fire Station, etc.)

1. Do not make zones too far from roads and parlance.
2. Water is not necessary, but if you want a dense population it is essential.
3. Do not use solar, hydroelectric, or wind power plants as your main source of energy.
4. When your population gets over 50,000 make highways.
5. A highway is useless without an onramp.
6. Always make connections to your neighbors.
7. Arcologies bring in a lot of population and crime.
8. You only need a few fire stations if you put it on no disasters.
9. Build lots of schools near residential areas to help keep crime down.
10. Use some form of public transit like busses, subways, or railroads to keep pollution down.
11. Once you have enough money lower taxes to help the population grow.
12. Promotional ordinances help bring people to town.
13. Once you have enough money by a fusion power plant if they are invented.
14. Your zoning should consist of 1\2 residential, 1\4 industrial and 1/4 commercial.
15. Read the newspapers regularly.
16. In areas with high crime build lots of parks.
17. Whenever one of the gifts become available build it, it's free and it helps the city.
18. Build an airport to make even more sims move in your city.
19. When zoning, use dense for more population but more pollution or light for less of both.
20. To avoid airplane crashes do not put tall buildings near the airport.
21. Put access points to your public transportation in different types of zones or else no one will
ride the system.
22. Build your city in 6x6 squares for maximum density.
23. Always start your city in 2050. It becomes really annoying waiting for things to be invented.
24. If you want the Sims to like you as a mayor, what you need to build is lots and lots of small parks.

- Placing water pumps next to fresh water will produce about 3 times more output than if placed
- To avoid pollution problems: don't create mountainous surroundings (yes, you can simulate the
Denver Smog Bowl effect) or limit yourself to the least-polluting kinds of power time and
circumstances will allow, and keep industrial zoning to Light Industrial.
- While police and fires stations cover only the specific areas around them, hospitals, schools,
and libraries serve the entire city. Put them anywhere that's convenient or looks good, or simply
bunch them all in a corner somewhere.
- Hydroelectric and wind power work great in remote places where you don't want to run ugly and costly power lines.
- To get rich quick, save your game and then let it run overnight. Just make sure you've
deployed the police and fire departments and turned off the disaster function.
- Avoid diagonal roads and rail lines.
- Start by building residential zones around the high-value waterfront areas.
- Important tips for terrain editing: flat terrain allows you to pack Sims in like sardines and thirsty
Sims need LOTS of water.
- Sims won't build more than 3 squares from a road. A 13-by-6 tile layout with interlocking roads
is efficient.
- Shoot Up Demand
- If you have a problem with the demand for your Commercial, Residential or Industrial Zones
being on Zero or Negative Demand, here is what you do. Save your city and then re-open it.
After one month, the demand for the zones will shoot up. Do this code as much as you wish.

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