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Hello and welcome to my web page! Explore my stuff below! If you have questions or comments about this page, E-mail me here---->NYRfan25@aol.com

A Little Bit About Me.....

My name is Ray Staley, and I like to play baseball and hockey, I love the Mets and Rangers. And I like to play the bass guitar. I also like to go on the computer, and play Nintendo 64. My birthday is April 1, 1985. I live in Spotsylvania, Virginia.

My Favorite Links

Zelda 64 Central - walkthroughs, cheats, hints

World of Nintendo - A ton of cheats and codes for all Nintendo systems!

ESPN - The WorldWide Leader In Sports

Tripod - the best free homepages

NHL.com - The Official Site of the National Hockey League

mlb.com - The Official Site of Major League Baseball

mets.com - The Official Site of the New York Mets

mets.html - My unofficial New York Mets page

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