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Do you think your Nirvana page is good enough for an award?

So, your the biggest Nirvana fan in the world, you have this kick-ass Nirvana site, and you think you deserve an award for it. Well, maybe so! If you have a Nirvana page, and you want an award, you've come to the right place! Below is a list of the requirements and stuff for my award.

~~You have to E-mail me, telling me why you think you should win my award, and the URL (address) of your Nirvana page so I can check it out.

~~You have to sign my guestbook on my page.

~~Put a link to my page on your can put my banner..that's ok.

~~I know this is silly, but you have to post the award! (Like you wouldn't want to, anyway!)

Ok, here is what the award will look like:

Ray's award of Nirvana excellence!

Well, good luck in winning the award!

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people have applied for my award.