Nirvana Quotes

Here is a collection of quotes from Kurt, Krist, and Dave.

"Holding my baby is the best drug in the world"~Kurt Cobain

"Dick is short for Richard, so if your rich your a dick"~Dave Grohl

"I'm changing my name to nunchuck bitch"~Kurt Cobain

"Who's the stupid god damn son of a bitch who had to go and rearrange everything?"~Krist Novoselic

"We were the chosen rejects"~Kurt Cobain

"I'm not going to get used to the traffic situation here"~Dave Grohl

"When this bird goes down, this is the safest place to be, in the tail where the bathroom is"~Krist Novoselic

"We remember Kurt for what he was - caring, generous, and sweet. Let's keep the music with us, we'll always have it, forever."~Krist Novoselic

"My sharona....what the hell is my sharona?"~Dave Grohl

"If you guys throw one more shoe or one more coin, I'm just going to leave my guitar next to my amp and there's gonna be massive feedback for an hour"~Kurt Cobain

"I'm not sure if they're aware of how much they suck"~Dave Grohl

"Look Right, those are the words to live by"~Krist Novoselic

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