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Hi, I'm Ray. If you are looking for CD's, Movies, Shirts, and/or other stuff you came to the right place! There are links to CDNOW, the best place for music stuff on the internet! Links to the mainpage, links to different kinds of music, a searchbox right here on the page, links to your favorite bands! I have it all, just go below and look around. If you have any questions, E-mail me at:

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Blackhawk Down

The Who

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Classical music from CDNOW
Whoever your looking for, Bach, Mozart, or Beethoven, CDNOW's got 'em!
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From Metallica or Nirvana to Mariah Carey or the Backstreet Boys, CDNOW's got it!
Jazz/Blues from CDNOW
Get all the old time favorites, like Benny Goodman or Louie Armstrong.
World/New Age from CDNOW
All the World/New Age music is at CDNOW, come get it!
Urban/Electronic from CDNOW
All the Urban/Electronic music is at CDNOW, come get it!
Country/Folk from CDNOW
All the greats; Leann Rimes, Garth Brooks, Deana Carter from CDNOW.
Buy movies from CDNOW too!!

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