Timeline on Krist Novoselic

Krist Novoselic Sr. immigrates to the U.S.; 1963
Maria Novoselic immigrates to the U.S.; 1964
Krist Anthony Novoselic born May 16, 1965
1967, Robert Novoselic, Krist's younger brother, is born
1973, Krist's and Robert's younger sister, Diana is born
1979, The Novoselics move to Aberdeen, Washington
By June of 1980, Krist's parents send him to live with relatives in Croatia
1981, Krist comes back home
1981, Krist gets a job at the local Taco Bell
1981, while working at Taco Bell, Krist meets Buzz Osborne
1982, Kurt gives Krist the "Organized Confusion demo" tape
1982, Krist Meets Shelli in the hall at school
1983, Kurt and Krist finally start playing together in a band
1983, Krist graduates high school
1983, Krist's parents get divorced
Summer 1983, Krist has surgery done on his jaw
1984, Krist gets a job painting with the Foster Painting Company
March 1985, Krist and Shelli start going out
1985-1986, Krist plays in bands with Buzz Osborne
198?, Krist plays in a Melvin's satellite project, his stage name is Phil Atio
198?, Krist gets laid off, and begins collecting $55 a week unemployment
Autumn 198?, Krist gradually moves in with Shelli, they turn into "hippies"
Krist and Kurt play in a Creedence Clearwater Revival cover band, named "The Sellouts"
March 1986, Krist and Shelli move to Phoenix, Arizona, in search of work
Winter 1986, Krist and Shelli move to Hoquiam, WA
Winter 1986-1987, Krist and Shelli become vegetarians
Spring 1987, Krist and Kurt form "Nirvana"
Summer 1987, Krist and Shelli live with Kurt and Tracy Marander in a little studio apartment
Krist gets a job as an industrial painter, while Shelli works at a cafeteria
198?, Krist and Shelli move to Tacoma, WA
198?, Nirvana practices in the front room of the Novoselic's house
September 1988, Shelli breaks up with Krist
October 1988, Krist quites his job as a painter
1989, Krist and Shelli get back together
December 30, 1989, Krist and Shelli get married in Tacoma
May or June 1991, Krist gets arrested for DUI, and spends 16 hours in the county jail
June 1991, Krist and Shelli tour together with Nirvana, Shelli sells T-Shirts at concerts
Late 1991, Krist and Shelli buy a home (probably in Montana) for $265,000 upfront
December 1991, Krist leads a march and petition drive at the state capitol building in Olympia, opposing Bill # 2554 which would jail record store owners for selling music that was judged "erotic."
Spring 1992, Krist and Shelli refuse an invitation to Kurt's and Courtney's wedding
April 1993, Krist organizes a benefit concert for the Tresnjevka Woman's Group in Croatia
1993, Krist formally changes his name from Chris back to his birth name, Krist
March 1, 1994, Nirvana plays it's last show
September 1994, Krist stops drinking and doing drugs
January 1995, Krist starts JAMPAC
March 17, 1995, Sweet 75 plays it's first show ever in Seattle
September 1998, Krist opens up his virtual fanzine located at: www.murkyslew.com

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