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Welcome   to   my   Nirvana   page!

Hi I'm Ray. This is my tribute to the greatest band ever. On this page, I have pictures, lyrics, guitar tabs, you name it. So come on, explore this page. It is awesome. Ok, if there are any broken links, or if you have any comments about this page, E-mail me at: Thanx!

P.S.-This page is constantly being updated. So if you have suggestions, E-mail me.


Kurt Cobain-Guitar/Vocals.

Krist Novoselic-Bass.

Dave Grohl-Drums/Backing vocals.

Jason Everman-Guitar (1989-90)

Pat Smear-Guitar (1993-94)


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The links in the following section are NOT mine, so don't E-mail me telling me it isn't working or something. I got these from other Nirvana pages, so if you have a problem, just E-mail the webmaster from that page. Thank you!


"We remember Kurt for what he was-caring, generous, and sweet. Let's keep the music with us. We'll always have it, forever."

Krist Anthony Novoselic, April 1994

Vote Kurt Cobain as the person of the century!
Here all you Nirvana fans can vote for Kurt Cobain as person of the century!
Nirvana pics.
This site offers great pics of Kurt, Krist, or Dave, or the whole band together, and album covers. (NirvanaClub)
Nirvana rumors. True or false?
This site contains rumors about Nirvana. I don't know if they are true or false. (Polly Wants a Cracker)
Nirvana song lyrics from A to Z.
This site contains all of Nirvana's songs from A to Z. Just click on a song name to get the lyrics. (Alcohol and Beans)
Nirvana tabs.
This site is, in my opinion, the best site for guitar tabs! It has bass and drum tabs too! Also, a few rare songs. Check it out! (Dumb)
Nirvana timeline
A complete chronology of events in Nirvana's history. (Big Long Now)
Nirvana song facts, etc..
A list of some cool facts about Nirvana songs.
The Nirvana FAQ version 3.4
Everything you ever wanted to know about Nirvana....and then some. (Big Long Now)
The Definitive Vocal Abnormalities of Nirvana
This is cool, it has a list of all the strange sounds in the middle of Nirvana songs. (NirvanaClub)
Kurt's Equipment FAQ
A very thorough explanation of Kurt's equipment. (Patrick's Nirvana page)
Krist's Equipment FAQ
An explanation of Krist Novoselic's equipment......very hard to find! (Patrick's Nirvana page)
Nirvana sounds.
A couple of Nirvana sounds to download. (Big Long Now)
The Fender Jag-Stang.
An explanation of the guitar co-designed by Kurt, the Jag-Stang.
Vote for your favorite NIRVANA album here!!!
Here's my voting booth that I made to vote for your favorite NIRVANA album. It's cool. PLEASE vote!!!!!
A little something about me.
Here you can read about me, and get to know me.
My Nirvana collection!
View my expanding Nirvana collection.
R.I.P. Kurt Donald Cobain 1967-1994

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**You look up to see a man dressed in black. His mid-thigh length hair is grungey and dirty from living under a bridge for months. He is average heigth at 5'7, but he is painfully thin at 120, and easily mistaken for a girl. He wears a plain black t-shirt with an overshirt that says "Rock Against Rape" on one sleeve. He wears one pair of black jeans with holes ripped in the knees and various other spots. Under that pair, he wears another, non-ripped up pair to hide his small frame. His boots have three silver buckles up the front. His guitar is still strapped to his back after the concert. He smiles the most disarming smile you've ever seen, and you know he means no harm**

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Me and my cousin's band The Green Kurts.
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Sub Pop Records

Visit Sub Pop Records!

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The Internet Nirvana Banner Exchange
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The Internet Nirvana FanClub -
Montage Of Heck
Polly Wants A Cracker
The Kurt Cobain Palace
Shifter Unit Friendly Radio-Patrick's Nirvana page
B.S.'s Weekly Top Ten Hits - the top ten most liked songs...updated every week!
The Krist Novoselic Dedication Page
Nirvana stuff from CDnow

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