Goldeneye Equipment FAQ
Nintendo 64
Version 1.0

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2)Update History
3)Weapon list/information
4)Bonus weapon requirements
5)Weapon-related time cheats
6)Hidden guns
7)Weapon tricks
8)Gadgets list
10)Legal stuff

1) Intro/Overview

Welcome to my Goldeneye equipment FAQ.  This is my first time writing an FAQ.  I have been looking all over the internet for a totally complete, -thorough- explanation of -all- of Bond's equipment.  Yes, -equipment-, not just weapons.  

The game itself is awesome, even though the storyline is stretched a little from the movie.  The weapons are great, the sound and graphics are smooth.  I would give this game a 10.  Now on to the FAQ.

2) Update History

Version 1.0
I added everything there is on this FAQ.

3) Weapon List

Hunting Knife - A good weapon, takes a few hits to kill though.  Can only be used in close range.  Available with the All Guns cheat only.

Throwing Knife - Use these knives in hand to hand combat.  They should also be used in relatively quiet,
interior areas that tend to have alarm buttons or soldiers every five feet.  Some say the throwing knife is better than a
KF7 Soviet - an archaic weapon that comes in handy in a pinch.  Found in:  Bunker 2.

PP7 Special Issue - Standard pistol that holds six rounds at a time.  This is Bondís weapon of choice, starts
almost every level with one.  Also available with a silencer.  Found in:  Archives, Bunker 1.

*Silenced PP7* - Definitely worth mentioning.  A great weapon for environments where there are a lot of
enemies and silence is necessary.  Bond starts missions frequently with this gun.  Found in:  Bunker 2.

DD44 Dostovei - A sleek, silver, Russian-made .44 magnum that packs a  real punch.  Fewer shots are
needed to do the job with this super powerful weapon.  Getting hold of two gives a real feeling of power. 
Found in:  Dam, Bunker 1, Bunker 2, Archives, Train.

Klobb - A machine gun that shoots quick, multiple bullets.  Not so effective against a crowd of enemies,
unless you have two.  Holds 20 shots per clip, which is one good point of this gun.  Found in:  Surface 1,
Surface 2, Bunker 1, Bunker 2, Archives.

KF7 Soviet - Russian made automatic rifle.  Standard issue to Russian soldiers.  This weapon has a few
good points, like its scope and power, but itís really loud.  You'll have no trouble getting your hands on one.  Found in:  Almost every level.

ZMG 9mm - Possibly the coolest machine gun youíll find, and certainly the most powerful.  Better than the
Klobb and the D5K because it has bigger rounds and can shoot faster with more force.  Hand held.  Holds
32 bullets per clip.  You can start with one in the Caverns level.  The ZMG will take out a small army when
used efficiently.  Found in:  Train, Cradle. 

D5K Deutsche - A brilliant automatic machine gun.  Holds 30 shots per clip.  Great for large groups, as
displayed in the Depot and Frigate levels.  Doesn't shoot too quick, though. With the silencer attached, this gun could very well be the best silenced weapon in the game.  Found in:  Frigate, Train, Depot. 

Phantom - A good, effective gun, similar in sound to the KF7, very loud, but can carry a lot of bullets in one
clip.  Found in:  Frigate.

US AR33 Assault Rifle - A fairly noisy automatic, but it's very  effective.  Has a good scope.  When there's the opportunity to get two, make sure you do. 
Found in:  Jungle, Caverns, Cradle.

RC-P90 - Emits more bullets per round than any other gun, and has a near bottomless magazine.  Very, very
powerful - possibly the best sub-machine gun in the game.
Found in:  Train, Jungle, Caverns.

Automatic Shotgun - This awesome shotgun blasts back your opponents with serious muscle.  Holds five
shots at a time.  Found in:  Statue.

Sniper Rifle - A fine specimen of a rifle with an extraordinary long sight range.  Furthermore, itís silenced. 
Use to pick off opponents from far away.  Perfect for some levels, but not many.  Shoots only one bullet at a
time, so itís not recommended for heavy combat.  Found in:  Dam, Surface 1.

Cougar Magnum - This weapon is very powerful, can kill enemies in one shot.  Although, it has very high
recoil and is slow loading.  Comparable to the DD44.  Found in:  only available with completion of game on
easy setting.

Golden Gun - Only available in one level, the Golden Gun kills opponents with one shot.  Although, there is
only one bullet per clip.  Found in:  Egyptian Temple.

Silver PP7 - Sort of a cross between a Magnum and a PP7.  Has the same sound and feel of a PP7, though. 
Usually kills in one-two shots; automatically aims for the head.    Found in:  only available with time cheat.

Gold PP7 - Sort of a cross between the Golden Gun and a PP7.  Kills in one shot.  Found in:  only available
with time cheat.

Moonraker Laser - Unlimited ammo.  Sometimes kills in one shot.  Not very effective by itself - pick up a second
to make it worthwhile.  Found in:  Aztec Complex.

Grenade Launcher - Better than throwing grenades, the Grenade Launcher is perfect for cleaning out areas
you canít see, but in which you know somebody is hiding.  Itís range is about 30 feet.  Uses standard
grenades.  Found in:  Surface 1, Jungle.

Rocket Launcher - Great for taking out soldiers or automatic guns from a distance.  Has very long range. 
Totally devestating to human targets.  Keep your distance from the explosion.  Found in:  Depot.

Grenades - Timed hand bomb that explodes into hundreds of burning metal pieces.  Usually causes more
injury than death, although potentially lethal.  Use these when you need to clear out an area of enemies or
machinery.  Can most often be obtained from fallen enemy soldiers.  Found in:  Jungle, Cradle, plus many

Timed Mines - Portable explosive that detonates between five and ten seconds after planted.  Found in:  Surface 2.

Proximity Mine - Scary.  Simply scary.  Proximity mines test the true cunning (and memory) of the
professional spy.  Lay one down and watch an enemy walk near it.  The soldier is blown sky high!  The mine is set off by nearby movement. 
Just donít place one and forget where you put it down.  Found in:  Depot, Caverns.

Remote Mine - Same power as the other types of mine, but can be detonated manually by using the watch
detonator.  Found in: Facility, Jungle, Control.

Taser - Mostly just a novelty item, because itís difficult to aim, doesnít do much damage, and isnít very
effective against more than one enemy at a time.  Found in:  only available with certain cheat.

Tank - Equivalent to the rocket launcher, the tank has incredible range and stopping power.  Can be used
without a tank itself with the all guns cheat.  Found in:  Runway, Streets.

4) Bonus Weapon Requirements

Here are the requirements to obtain the extra weapons.

Magnum - you have to beat the whole game on Agent difficulty.
Moonraker Laser - beat the Aztec Complex on 00 Agent difficulty.
Golden Gun - beat Egyptian Temple on any difficulty.
Silver PP7 - beat the Train on 00 Agent difficulty in 5:25.
Gold PP7 - beat the Cradle on Agent difficulty in 2:15.
Shotgun  - beat the Egyptian Temple on 00 Agent difficulty in 6:00.
Taser - beat the Egyptian Temple on 00 Agent difficulty in 6:00.

5) Weapon-Related Time Cheats

The other weapon-related time cheats

2x Grenade Launchers - beat Surface 1 on Secret Agent mode in 3:30.
2x Rocket Launchers - beat Bunker 1 on 00 Agent mode in 4:00.
2x Throwing Knives - beat Bunker 2 on Agent mode in 1:30.
2x Hunting Knives - beat Jungle on Agent mode in 3:45.
Infinite Ammo - beat Control on Secret Agent mode in 10:00.
2x RC-P90s - beat Caverns on 00 Agent mode in 9:30.
2x Moonraker Lasers - beat Aztec Complex on Secret Agent mode in 9:00.
All Guns - beat Egyptian Temple on 00 Agent mode in 6:00.

6) Hidden Guns
RC-P90 in Train - set the game to Agent mode and blow up the last box in the first car of the Train.
RC-P90 in Jungle - kill Xenia in the Jungle and get an RC-P90.

RC-P90 in Caverns - some guards carry them in the Caverns.  This is the only level enemies carry them.

DD44 Dostovei in Train - set the game to anything but Agent mode and blow up the last box in the first car.

PP7 in Control - Boris carries a PP7.  You donít have to kill him, just stand in front of him.  He will drop it.

7) Weapon Tricks

Double mixed weapons - here is a cheat that is all over the Ďnet.  You probably know it by now, but here it is anyway---Obtain two sets of paired weapons that appear next to each other inyour weapon list and some ammunition for each gun. (For example, inthe Military Archives level, obtain two Dostoveis and two Klobbs).Then, cycle through the weapons until two of the second set of weaponsare ready. Now, quickly press the following set of buttons: Hold Abutton, then before the weapons cycle forward, press Z(2).  Release A,then press A once Press Z to fire two or three times while the weaponsare cycling. If done correctly, firing the weapon will lock one of the weapons during the cycle, allowing a mixed set.

8) Gadgets

Q Watch V2.01 Beta - Bondís watch throughout all the missions, look to check out objectives, weapons
inventory, etc.  Used in:  all levels.

Bungee Equipment - Bungee jump off the front of the Byelomorye Dam to reach the chemical weapons
facility.  Used in:  Dam

Covert Modem - Connect this to the Damís satellite link so M16 can monitor whatís going on there.  Used
in:  Dam.

Door Decoder - Locate under cover agent Doak to get this, which gives you access to the bottling room. 
Used in:  Facility.

Detonator - This becomes available on the Q Watch whenever you plant remote mines.  Using it you can
activate the explosives at any time.  Used in:  all levels that have remote mines.

Camera - This spy camera is a lightweight, wallet size camera thatís easy to carry and use.  Standard issue. 
Provides proof of various Goldeneye activities.  Used in:  Bunker 1, Silo.

Key Analyzer - Activate this once you find the Goldeneye key to make a copy of it.  Used in:  Bunker 1.

DataThief - Attaches to the port of any operating mainframe.  Attach to mainframe to learn about the
strange happenings in Severnaya.  Used in:  Bunker 1.

Plastique - Plant these explosives in the four fuel rooms to destroy the Kirghizstani satellites.  Very powerful
explosive.  Used in:  Silo.

Bomb Defuser - Used only on a few assignments, this device decodes and disarms bombs.  Used in:  Frigate.

Tracker Bug - Utilized for long distance tracking.  Sends undetectable signals back to M16.  Used in: 

Watch Magnet - A very useful item, especially when your trapped in a jail cell, or trapped behind a table. 
Used in:  Bunker 2, Archives.

Watch Laser - Used to break out of certain places, like a certain metal trap door with metal latches on it. 
Used in:  Train.

Guidance Data Diskette - This disk from Q is designed to reprogram the shuttleís guidance system.  Used in: 
Aztec Complex.

9) Credits

The Unofficial Goldeneye Strategy Guide
For some of the weapons, gadgets, and locations.

The Goldeneye Zone
For the time cheats and weapon cheats.
For the weapon order and format.

10) Legal stuff

This FAQ is Copyright ©1999 NYRfan.  This FAQ is for informational use only.  Please don't take this information without my written permission.

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