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Here's all the equipment we use to play..........


Kyle uses a black and white Fender Stratocaster, with 3 single coil pickups and maple neck with rosewood fretboard. Ray uses a black with black pickguard Precision bass copy, with a maple neck, rosewood fretboard, a single split-pickup, and vintage machine heads.


Kyle has a Fender Deluxe 112, with 90 watts, and a 12'' speaker. Ray uses a Gorilla GB-30 Classic with 50 watts and a 7'' speaker.


Kyle stomps on his Rocktech Chorus pedal to make that watery sound everyone loves, and his Maxtone Distortion pedal. For bass distortion, Ray uses a DOD FX69B Grunge pedal.


There's not really much on Jay's drums, he uses a black Turbo 5-piece set.

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