Some facts about Nirvana songs, etc...

Here are some cool facts E-mailed to me by Enjoy!

1) The import version of in utero features gallons of rubbing alcohol flow through the strip

2) the k-mart version of in utero features the "out-of-print" remix of pennyroyal tea instead of the original

3) the tape thats being circulated known as fecal matter is actually an earlier demo called organized confusion

4) come on death is the real name for help me, i'm hungry

5) sappy is the real name for in his room (hands)

6) seed is the real name for spectre/misery loves company

7) talk to me has no official name

8) junkyard is really the token eastern song

9) the songs on organized confusion called confusion called sound of dentage, laminated effect, and suicide samurai are really (in order) vendetagainst, raunchola, and Anorexorcist. the real versions have not been found

10) due to the fact that "gallons" was recorded in rio with hole at the same session as miss world, closing time, and other hole songs it's possible that eric erlandson plays guitar on that song.

11) Big John Duncan, that "F!ck" from Angelfish and garbage, as you would call him. he was nirvana's guitar tech and guitar player on the first half of the In Utero tour.

12) Outcesticide originally came with a letter that was disontinued after kurt killed himself.

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