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The Recording Of Bleach

Bleach was recorded in 3 different sessions. For the first session, Krist had a Hohner bass that he borrowed from Greg Hokanson and a PMS amp, but he was also seen using a black and white Fender Jazz bass (black w/ white pickguard) at the time. For the second and third session Krist used an Ibanez Black Eagle Bass (Ebony) through a Fender Twin Reverb amp. For the Bleach tour, he basically used his Ibanez Black Eagle. He didn't have that much basses back then.

The Recording Of Nevermind

Krist Novoselic used a SVT Bass rig; a Gibson Ripper Bass (Natural*) through an Ampeg SVT400 head. In the In Bloom video the you can see an Ampeg bass amp which belongs to Nirvana guitar technician Ernie Bailey. On the early part of the tour (??/9/ 91 through ??/4/ 93) , Krist was seen using a Gibson Artist bass (Ebony). Also, towards the end (22/6/92- 30/8/92), he used a Gibson Thunderbird IV bass (Vintage Sunburst**). Krist also used a ProCo Rat pedal for Breed and Endless, Nameless. (see effects section)

*There was also an ebony Ripper bass.

**There was also a red Thunderbird bass.

The Recording Of Incesticide

This album is a collection of rare B-sides, BBC sessions, outtakes and demo songs from various studio sessions etc... Dive was recorded with Butch Vig so Krist probably uses the same gear as on Nevermind, Most of the other songs the gear used would have been similar to either Nevermind or Bleach. I know definitely that Sliver was recorded with all of TAD's equipment. Krist Novoselic used a ProCo Rat pedal for Turnaround (see effects section)

The Recording Of In Utero

Krist Novoselic used his Gibson Ripper again through a 200 watt Hiwatt head (converted to use KT90 tubes) through a Marshall cab. On the In Utero tour Kurt and Krist both went with 8 cabs each, all running fully wide open. On the tour, Krist may have used his Gibson Artist bass, also.

The Recording Of MTV Unplugged

In November of '93, a few weeks before the taping, Alex Coletti (MTV Unplugged producer) flew up to a Nirvana gig in a remote part of New England, somewhere north of Boston. He was armed with rough sketches of the stage set which embodied Cobain's ideas, and with his own personal Ovation semi-acoustic bass guitar. The latter was meant to be loaned to Krist Novoselic in the event that the Nirvana bassist didn't have an "Unplugged bass" of his own. In the end, Novoselic didn't use Coletti's Ovation bass, but rather a Guild acoustic/electric bass (Natural) rented from S.I.R. in New York an instrument that has been used on other episodes of Unplugged. Krist Novoselic also played Accordian on Jesus doesn't Want Me for A Sunbeam it is a Dobren. It was Kurt Cobain's, it was also the first instrument Krist Novoselic learned to play.

The Recording Of From The Muddy Banks Of The Wishkah

This is also a compilation album featuring live songs from 1989 to 1994. The Nevermind tour (1991) according to Australian Music Trader says Krist Novoselic used a Gibson Ripper Bass through an Ampeg SVT400 head. For the recording of Nevermind and the tour that became his live rig. On the In Utero tour Kurt Cobain and Krist Novoselic both went with 8 cabs each, all running fully wide open. I am pretty sure the basses he used on that tour were the Gibson Ripper, his Gibson Artist bass, and possibly the Ibanez Black Eagle. (if it wasn't destroyed yet)

*Krist Novoselic can also be seen using a Gibson Thunderbird on the cover and in the liner notes of From TheMuddy Banks of The Wishkah.


PMS amp 200 watt Hiwatt head (converted to use KT90 tubes) through a Marshall cab. Ampeg SVT400 head. Fender Twin Reverb. Mesa/Boogie Road Ready speaker cabs Marshall 4x12 speaker cabinets.


Krist Novoselic used a ProCo the Rat pedal for Breed and Endless, Nameless on Nevermind. Krist once again used his Rat pedal for Turnaround. (Incesticide) ProCo the Rat distortion Pedal was also used for Floyd the Barber at the 10/31/91 show. This is the only time, I believe, he used effects live.


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Gibson Ripper: Gibson Ripper Bass: natural

Gibson Thunderbird IV: Thunderbird IV bass: vintage sunburst

Gibson Artist: Artist bass: Ebony

Fender Jazz Bass: Standard Jazz bass: Black w/ white pickguard

Ibanez Black Eagle: Black Eagle bass: Ebony

Guild Acoustic: Acoustic: natural

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