Strategy   for   DinoPark   Tycoon!

Ok here is some strategy for DinoPark Tycoon.  Be sure to follow it carefully.

1) Buy one plot of land. Pick Desert. (Pick a plot of land close to the
main entrance)
2) Buy a chain fence so the dinosuar will not run away that easily.
3) Hire a tourguide. Don't hire anyone else, yet.
4) Purchase one Hypsolophydon dinosaur and place it in the plot of land.
5) Buy 10 units of moss, and 50 units of seeds.
6) Make aure the ticket price is $5.
7) You are ready to open for business. Click on the icon with the Dinosaur and the fence. 
8) Be patient. Wait until you get $12,000 and then buy a parking lot. Don't buy anything else. (except food)
9) When you reach the end of february or the beginning of march, hire a maintnence worker. If you don't, the dinosaur will escape becuase the fence is not getting any maintnence. 
10) Don't forget, the dinosaur has to eat, so check the food supply every month or two.
11) After you buy the parking lot, your on your own. Do what you think is best for your park.

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