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Last updated: December 23, 1999

Hi, I'm Ray. This is my first cheats page, and I am working on getting more. But for now, all I have is what's below. So scroll down, and explore. I will have more soon.


I am not currently updating this page anymore...so please don't send me any cheats. If I start updating again, I will let you know. You can still E-mail me here: NYRfan25@aol.com

Thank you, and good luck!

PC Cheats

Strategy for DinoPark Tycoon
Displayed is some strategy for DinoPark Tycoon. I followed it, and my park was the best!
Cheats for SimCity 2000
Here are the best cheats and codes for SimCity 2000.
Codes for Test Drive: Off Road
These codes get you the coolest things in TDOR!
Codes for Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee
Take a look at these codes, some of them may come in handy! (I am in the process of getting more for this game)
Codes for Quake!
These codes are awesome!!!
Hints for Sonic CD.
I put these up because someone requested it, so enjoy!!
Hints and strategy for Triple Play 98.
This game is so cool! I have it, and I followed some of these, and I won! It's worth a trip!
Cheat codes for Command and Conquer.
Put this one up cause someone requested it.
Codes for Starcraft.
Another request, this one can help ya a lot!!
Cheat codes for Wolfenstein 3D.
Enjoy these great codes.

Other cool game websites.

Gamespot: the best place for gaming needs.
This site has all the right codes for all your favorite PC games. It's worth the trip!
Gameweb: downloads, codes, and cheats.
This site is great for games, but the TDOR codes were wrong.
GameSages: probably the best place on the net for cheats!.
This site has cheats, reviews, etc for N64, Saturn, Genesis, SNES, Playstation, PC, plus much more!

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