Army Branch Insignia

Soldiers from the 1st Infantry Division's Company B, 1st Squadron, 4th Cavalry Regiment move into position in their Abrams tank.

Adjutant General Corps - Charged with a variety of administrative duties, including records management, publications, office information systems and field printing. They also provide unit personnel services.

Air Defense Artillery - Charged with protective air defense over the battlefield.

Armor - Responsible for the development and conduct of mobile warfare.

Army Medical Specialist Corps (officers only) - The component of the Army Medical Department that provides dietary, physical therapy and occupational therapy services.

Army Nurse Corps (officers only) - The component of the Army Medical Department that provides nursing services.

Aviation - Incorporates all Army aviation assets, except Medical Service Corps aviation.


Branch Immaterial (enlisted only) - A designation for enlisted personnel serving in a military skill that is not included in any branch.

Cavalry - A subcomponent of the Armor Branch which employs less heavily armored vehicles, mainly in screening and reconaissance roles.

Chaplain Activities Specialist (enlisted only) - A designation for those enlisted personnel who assist Chaplains in the performance of their duties.

Chaplain Corps - Provides religious services, education and counseling for the American soldier, the dependent family and authorized civilians in the military environment.

Chemical Corps - Concerned with the chemical, radiological and biological protection not only of the Army, but also the Navy, Air Force and Marince Corps. The

Civil Affairs - A designation for those personnel assigned to provide liason between military and civilian authorites in areas of military operations.

Corps of Engineers - Responsible for the construction, maintenance and repair of facilities and fortifications, and the breaching of enemy fortifications. The Corps of Engineers is also responsible for navigational and horbor improvements.

Dental Corps (officers only) - the component of the Army Medical Department that provides dental services.

(officers only)

Field Artillery - Responsible for employing both cannon and missile fire on the battlefield.

Finance Corps - Responsible for accounting, disbursing, administration and auditing of Army funds.

General Staff - A designation for those officers serving on a General's staff.

Infantry - Employs foot soldiers in both mechanized and dismounted roles.

Inspector General - A designation for those personnel assigned responsibility for inquiring into the performance of mission and state of readiness, economy, efficiency, discipline and morale of a command. The Inspector General Office alsos administers the IG complaints system.

Judge Advocate General CorpsResponsible for the administration of the Uniform Code of Military Justice and the provision of legal advice and assistance within the Army.

Medical Corps - The component of the Army Medical Department that sets physical standards, and provides physician services for Army personnel and their dependents.

Medical Service Corps (officers only) - The component of the Army Medical Department that provides scientists and specialists in areas allied with medicine, and technicians in the areas of administration, supply, environmental sciences and engineering related to the provision of medical services.

Military Intelligence - Responsible for the collection, analysis, productionamd dissemination of information on the enemy, and the security of our information.

Military Police Corps - Charged with police duties and security responsibilities.

National Guard Bureau - A designation for officers serving on the National Guard Bureau Staff.

Ordnance Corps - Responsible for logistical management of Army ammuntion, weapons, vehicles and missiles.

Quartermaster Corps - Concerned with procurement, cataloging, inventory, storage, distribution, salvage and disposal of supplies.

Signal Corps - Responsible for the overall mission of planning, installing, operationg and maintaining the Army's communications systems.

Special Operations/Special Forces (enlisted only) - Special Operations is a designation for those enlisted personnel serving in the special operations (Green Beret) career management field. There is no special insignia for officers serving in Special Forces.

Staff Specialist Corps (ARNG/USAR officer) - A Reserve Component designation for those enlisted personnel serving on a unit staff. These personnel would most likely change their designation to an Active Component designation upon mobilization.

Sergeant Major of the Army - This individual serves as the senior enlisted advisor and consultant to the Chief of Staff of the Army on matters affecting enlisted personnel.

Transportation Corps - Responsible for the movement of Army personnel and supplies.

Veterinary Corps (officer) - The component of the Army Medical Department that provides food hygiene, preventative medicine and animal medicine.

Warrant Officer - A highly-skilled technician filling a position above the enlisted level, but with too specialized a scope for the position of a more broadly trained, branch-qualified commisioned officer.

A soldier from the 1st Infantry Division's Company A, 9th Engineer Battalion removes unexploded ordnance from a pit in Iraq.

A soldier from Company B, 65th Engineer Battalion, carries a 107mm rocket back to his truck in Iraq.

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